10+ Laminate ideas for your home décor

Laminates make a sublime pair with the interior, here are some ideas for your property.

Adding sense to the decoration, Laminates provide a wide range of residential settings and applications. It has creative designs and colors which gives the aesthetically appealing and perfect finish to your interior. Along with warm looks, they are very durable and have minimum maintenance making them look new and last longer.


First things first: Modernizing your living room.

After all the endless workloads and tireless routine, it’s good to settle in with a relaxing interior and tranquillity to replenish your energy. Outdoor and indoor Laminate has inviting and alluring wall panels for the space you require.

1. Dressing up the walls

As an alternative to painted and wooden surfaces, High-Pressure Laminates provide an eye-catching and robust impression. With the high or light shade of your decor theme, they have a better texture, rub and scrub resistance, and woody finish. Lightly textured, and plane surfaces, are recommended for heavy-duty surfaces and main walls.

2. Styling the Pillars

If you have pillar(s) in your living room adding a perfect canvas to it. Covering them with horizontal or vertical laminate layouts or any other complex artsy patterns give looks than a painted one. Sometimes a plane and less glossy do the trick. Keeping the pillars with the walls and interior gives the whole area an equal and appealing finish.

3. Laminate for shelves

Using decorative laminates for the tables, countertops, television shelves, racks, while keeping the higher or lighter color shade in coordination with your theme proves to be an ideal choice.

Design your Kitchen

New technology, design, materials, and unique setting of the interiors have skyrocketed the aesthetics and living trends of Home decor, making Kitchen a focal area.

4. Opting for the right colour

Kitchens were previously equated with white or light colors. Trends are now gravitating towards using dark and colors in coordination with the indoor theme for tabletops, shelves, and flooring. Dark colors have a sense and elegance of luxury, and thus modern designers use both glossy and matte Laminate for kitchen designing. There are several options like Solid Colours, High Gloss, Matte, Textured, and many more to give your kitchen a high emphasis.

5. Multiple Color Flooring along with the furniture

There are usually two colors used alongside for interior. Designers prefer to use the main color for the outer flooring and secondary color for inner flooring like under the table, inner borders, etc. You can also use a mix of different materials to boost up the uniqueness. High-pressure laminates along with designer laminates can be installed for the desired aura and finish. These materials have numerous patterns and can give you the appearance of expensive materials.

6. Designing Countertops

Designing Countertops with Laminates provides several benefits like scratch and spill resistance, low maintenance, sturdiness, and sometimes bacterial growth resistance.

As mentioned above, dark laminates create an elegant and enigmatic appeal to the kitchen area. Using the same Laminate for shelves gives Kitchen a complete finish. If you don’t like the dark theme, there are a variety of options like high gloss, flat colored, and sometimes mix match laminates that provide you with the ideal kitchen.

7. Laminate Doors for a Welcoming Home

Doors are not only the first to catch the eye, but outward-facing doors also catch dust, heat and rain sometimes. Laminating doors not only preserves good looks but also strength and toughness. There are several trendy design ideas for the door. Doors without any patterns and pannels and having a smooth surface known as Flush doors is in trend. They have a soothing and calming call. There are designs with space-saving technology known as Pivot doors having hinges on top and bottom, allowing them to rotate on a single point. Pannel doors give the old Victorian feel. They can be modernized by suede laminates.

Laminates for Bedroom

Modern yet minimalistic design with clean interiors gives the bedroom a calm and relaxing finish. Laminates have a wide range of applications on beds, chairs, couches, tables, bookshelves, bathroom walls, and many other fixtures.

8. Bed Designing Laminates

Minimalistic Bed Design provides a detailed look and focuses on simplistic functionality. They are budget-friendly yet stunning. Moreover, there are Poster and Provincial beds for luxury gives you an elegant and lavish makeover. The platform bed is one of the most trendy bed design ideas. A single-colored platform, often with legs is an aid to room space, with furniture of the same color gives the bedroom the visual appeal. Murphy bed is also on trend for space-conserving designs and used in small bedrooms, more often in a multipurpose room.

9. Wardrobe Laminates

Wardrobes are essentials pieces of furniture for both workplaces and bedrooms. Besides their elegant looks and aesthetics, they are easy to install, clean and maintain, and keeps away from abrasion. There are a variety of designs available. People often choose the colors as per their bedroom theme, while designers prefer to experiment with new patterns and colors. Simple and minimalistic designs are recommended.

Laminates for allover use

10. Flooring

When it comes to flooring, laminates have various designs and colors to choose from which works in any room and office. The surface Laminates with textures give natural with the expensive surfaces. One of the trendy designs is smooth textured. It looks modern, sleek, simple, and stunning. It is easy to clean and maintain. Embossed laminates have a wavy and wooden pattern which gives them a natural feel. Similar to that Distressed laminates give you antique style and visual.

11. Wall Highlights

A new decor accessory in trend these days is wall highlighting with laminates. Covered with patterns, textured and designer laminates give living rooms a new dimension. Not only walls modern-day designs have walls and other shelves decorated with laminates.

12. On Furniture

As mentioned earlier, laminates are used to create beds, chairs, and couches, they are even used as surface top-ups for elegant design. Shelves in the bathroom, kitchen, laminates can be used on the surface of the old furniture to match them with the upgrade.

Take Away.

Laminates are, and will be the preferred choice in the coming years and will remain as a trend. Qualities like temperature resistance, durability, scratch-resistant, look retention for years and cost-friendly makes them a stand out.