Best laminates to adore your hotel rooms

The best laminates to adore your hotel rooms

If you are a hotel owner, you must be aware of the fact that the aesthetics of your hotel matter a lot. People who stay at your hotel are not only fond of the services that you provide but the appearance of your hotel attracts them as well.





Hotels are massive spaces that need a lot of renovation time and again based on how frequently the rooms are used, how up-to-date you are aimed to be with the design and appearance of your hotel, and how budget-friendly it is for you to conduct these renovations.

Of these factors, budget is mostly the constraint when it comes to frequent renovations. But what if we tell you that there is a pocket-friendly solution to this problem and that you can renovate each surface of your hotel without burning a hole in your pocket?

You guessed it right! We’re talking about laminate sheets as surface decor for your hotels. Laminate sheets come in a versatile range, are easy to install, do not cost much, and are easily replaceable over a time period.

Here’s a list of the best laminates to adore your hotel rooms and luxe up your design game!


Choose the best laminate for your reception desk

Woodgrain laminate designs for furniture: Woodgrain laminates are popular all over the world for multiple purposes that they serve. Your hotel rooms must have a substantial amount of furniture, and replacing them might cost you a fortune. A very simple and easy manner to give your furniture a completely new look is to install laminate sheets of the latest design and color on them. Woodgrain laminates generally do well when it comes to upgrading your hotel furniture. Choose from a wide variety of laminates from Welmica Laminates and adorn your furniture with the best laminate sheets at an affordable rate.

Abstract laminates for the walls and doors: Abstract designs have always been a center of attention when it comes to hotel interiors. The feel of these laminates grants a whole new perspective to the people who stay in these properties and it suggests that the interiors are a luxury affair at this hotel. Abstract art and abstract designs are the absolute best when it comes to hotel designs and interiors. 

Fabric laminates for the decks: Reception desks, beds, tables, and other such furniture look absolutely attractive and unique if lines with laminates with fabric designs. The touch and feel of these laminates are smooth and soft and they give the same vibe to the whole room if used wisely. 


It is completely up to you when you are choosing the materials to renovate or refurbish your hotel but considering laminates as an option, you would never regret using them. Contact Welmica Laminates today to explore the world of laminates and get your customized design of laminates today!

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