Choose the best laminate for your reception desk

Choose the best laminate for your reception desk


The first thing that people see when they enter any office is the reception desk. That’s the first impression of any office – a good reception desk. It always catches the eye. So how to choose the best laminate design for your reception desk that will make that good first impression? We’ll tell you how!


Keep It Subtle

You don’t want to get a laminate color that will be too loud. Offices are meant to be simple and comforting places to work at. The laminate that you should choose for your reception desk should set the tone for the rest of your office. Keep it subtle, keep it classy.

The Wow Factor

Every time someone enters your office, they should mutter the word wow! The more aesthetic the entrance, the more likely someone’s willing to work there. You heard it here first. Laminate sheets can make any piece of furniture more vibrant and welcoming.

Enter Welmica Laminates!

We have all types of laminate sheets for your reception desk needs. Let’s start with – Wood Grain. Wood Grain laminate sheets are the perfect example of a laminate sheet that will go really well with the reception desk design.

This laminate sheet is elegant and has a stunning finish. It’s dark which means you won’t have to worry about the stains leaving a mark. We’re all guilty of dropping our coffee, it’s okay. It happens. 

But if dark furniture isn’t your thing, don’t worry because we also have many light laminate sheets for you! This one, in particular, is a laminate sheet that is simple and just the color can make you feel calm and at peace. It’s beautiful how different colors can make you feel different types of emotions and Welmica’s aim with its laminate sheets is to bring all the joyful emotions in you! That how   Wood Grain with an excellent finish.

Marble designs for a seamless experience

But wait, are you looking for something different? Are you tired of conventional wood? We got you! We also have marble designs in the store that make a reception desk look bright and striking.That how Marble designs  with an excellent finish.

Abstract designs for creative souls

Creative people need to be in a creative atmosphere to get their creative juices flowing! For the artsy person in you, we also have abstract marbles. They make a reception desk look serene and warm.That how  Abstract designs  with an excellent finish.

Fabric designs look elegant

Looking for something colorful? We also have fabric laminate sheets in store for you that are soft and luxurious. They will make your reception desk truly stand out and will make you feel right at home.That how Fabric designs  with an excellent finish.

The Size Matters

It’s very important to choose a reception desk that will fit in the entrance as if it’s a part of it and not something you’ve had to fit. If you have a small space, don’t try to fit a large desk there to make the entrance look big. It looks out of shape and if you want to make your entrance look bigger than it is, our laminate colors will do just that!


The right background for any picture is important. We know. Whether it’s a portrait of you, a picture of your food, or a picture of your work desk. Welmica Laminate sheets, with their vast range in colors and finish, will not only bring out the aesthetic element in your pictures but will also make your stationery look cool! #IDidItForTheGram

Dear Receptionist…

Other than making sure your reception desk sets a great impression, one of the most important things while choosing a perfect laminate is also making sure your receptionist is comfortable and feels productive there. Laminate sheets don’t wear off and they’re very smooth to work on. Behind every successful person, there is a great desk that’s seen them through it all! Whether it’s making the deadline, working late nights, or just putting your head down for a nap, your desk is there for it all. So it’s important to have a good desk.

Resilience is Key

It’s important to have a laminate for your desk that will be resilient and not fragile. While making an office, it’s important to keep longevity in mind. It’s impossible and impractical to keep changing interiors and laminate sheets are strong and last for a longer period.


At Welmica Laminates Pvt. Ltd, we have a variety of all types of laminates, different colors, and finish. A reception desk is where it all begins and Welmica understands the significance of that.

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