Five types of laminates to adore your office furniture

Workspace infrastructure and aesthetics have played an important role in the quality of work in any work culture. Laminates are one of the elements that add to the elegance and beauty of your workplace, be it your office or commercial setup. These sheets not only stand to protect your furniture from external forces but also contribute to the glory of your office space.

The laminate market is full of variety in terms of colors, materials, characteristics, thickness, etc., of the laminate sheets. Let’s dive deep into the ones that are best for any office or commercial setup !


Choosing the perfect laminates for office

The office is the space that handles significant chaos throughout the day. People walk in and out, bringing in some dust and microbes. You or your colleagues might often spill water or food on the floors and even the desks. Your tabletop experiences the harsh and soft touches of many people round the clock. You have the stains of their fingerprints, shoeprints, and much more in your office. Considering these issues, here is a list of some of the properties that define a perfect laminate for your office:

Top 5 laminates for any office setup

Now that you know the properties of ideal office laminates, let’s explore the trending laminate surfaces that fit into most of the offices:

1. Matt finish laminates

Matt finish gives a classy look to your office, especially the walls and the shelves. It softens the dark colors so that they blend easily with their surroundings. These laminate sheets create a “velvety” texture on any surface. Thus, if you wish to add more sophistication to your office interiors, go for the matt finish laminate sheets. They are available in various colors. Choose the shade depending on the type of business you own.

2. Metallic finish laminates

These laminates are the best for your desk accessories, table tops, office doors, and cabinets. The trend of metallic finish is evergreen in the interior decors. They imitate any metal right from copper, brass, and steel to gold, silver, and platinum. Imagine the beauty of having them in your office! You get an elegant workspace with the beauty of metals. And guess what – the cost of purchasing and maintaining these laminates is far less than that of actual metals.

3. Texture finish laminates

These laminate surfaces are best for your office floorings and tabletops. Present-day offices have Laminate wooden floorings that add to their glory. Such laminates exactly appear to be polished wood on the floor. You also get surfaces that have embossed textures – you can feel the design with your hands! These sheets are the best for shelves and office walls. With the advent of technology in the laminate industry, the market offers a huge variety of textures (embossed and non-embossed) and colors in the texture finish laminates.

4. Magnetic laminates

The magnetic laminates are quipped with magnetic properties. Get them for your office notice board to arrange schedules, and put up important notices for your staff. One of the major perks of getting this laminate is that you can easily organize your marker, duster, pins, and other necessary elements to the board by sticking them to the board. The marker board and chalkboard laminates also have such magnetic properties.

5. Fire retardant laminates

Office buildings are susceptible to unexpected fire outbursts. Thus, it’s important to select the fire-retardant materials while building the office as well as the interiors. These laminate sheets are available in a variety of colors, textures, and finishes. Choose the one that suits your taste and make your workplace safe against fire hazards!

Consider the color, texture, as well as properties of the laminates when you are choosing them for your office.

We have gone through the reason behind conducting all-around research on the laminate sheets before buying them for your office. Make sure that your office furniture has laminates that add to its aesthetics and safety, both at the same time!