A complete guide to choose laminates for your kitchen


If you are scrolling through the internet, looking for the best laminate sheets for your kitchen, chances are that you might get overwhelmed by the amount of content available. Here, we are trying to simplify things for you by providing a complete guide about how to choose laminates for your kitchen.


Always look at the color combination

One factor that helps you eliminate a lot of options from your list is looking at the colors that fit the theme of your house. The overall aesthetics of your house will be affected by the type of color scheme you decide to implement while decorating your kitchen.

The choice of color should be dependent on the following factors:

  1. Size of your kitchen: Are you in the awe of dark green cabinets that you just saw at a friend’s place, and are planning to use the exact color for your own kitchen? Well, if you have a small kitchen, you need to understand this: Your kitchen will look even smaller with dark-colored cabinets. Dark green, red, navy blue, etc. are the colors that look gorgeous in large spaces but contradictory to that, make small spaces look even smaller.

One needs to consider the space and light of their kitchen before planning to use laminate sheets of a particular color.

2. Color scheme/theme of your house: Imagine a kitchen that completely contrasts the theme of your house. Unless you are someone who is into experimenting a lot when it comes to interior designs, maintaining a similar color scheme is advisable for kitchen laminates. One can never go wrong with it. But if you are open to experimenting a bit with the colors, always look at the bigger picture it will create.

3. Your ability to look after the maintenance: Usually, light-colored laminates require frequent cleaning whereas dark colors are A-ok without cleaning for a long time. On the contrary, the scratches and damage on light

Look for the design that suits your kitchen

Laminates come in various designs and color combination. They are a delight to look at but deciding which laminate design actually suits your kitchen is a daunting task. Here’s a small guide to decide on a finish that will make your kitchen look 100X better.

  • Match the colors first: As mentioned above, colors are the most important in deciding upon aesthetics. They decide the tone of your design, and add to the appearance of your kitchen.
  • Choose an appropriate design: As per the aesthetics of your house, choose a texture or design that will blend right in. Adding a design that contains a lot of textures is not advisable for a place with minimal and solid colors.
  • Look for the finish that will suit your house. It could be matte, it could be glossy, it could be textured, it could be just a solid color or a metal finish. Pick the one that fits your theme.
  • You can even go for a kitchen with two color hues for making it look modern and creative. There are two types of laminates that could be chosen according to their thickness, i.e. 0.8 mm and 1 mm. These laminates have specific uses according to their thickness. One can choose the one that fits your goals and budget to go ahead with the kitchen plan.

Be very careful about the quality of laminates:

Now, this is the most important point. One could get the best designs out there but there is no way those will last if the quality is not good enough. Always rely on authentic manufacturers while deciding on a design. That will solve half the problem.


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