Know your laminates

Why Welmica Laminates?

Welmica has been one of the pioneers in providing top-quality laminate surfaces in India. Our product designs align with the evolving lifestyle. With a diverse range of laminate products, we aim to make your home, office, shop, or any other commercial space look spectacular. We provide our customers with the freedom to choose their desired laminate surfaces from the never-ending varieties at Welmica. Here is a glimpse of the benefits that we offer to our valuable clients:


a. Laminates with optimum thickness:

The thickness of our laminate products varies from 0.5mm-30.00mm. This ensures the long-term durability of the products.

b. Water and heat resistant products:

Our laminate products are designed with best-in-class technology that enables them to resist water as well as heat.

c. Customizable laminates:

We offer a huge variety of colors and designs in laminate products. This helps our customers to choose the surfaces according to their preferences.

d. Support and maintenance:

Welmica offers post-sale support services to customers in case of damage. Every product has a specific warranty period within which our maintenance team can help you repair the damage.

Know your laminates

The laminates at Welmica are equipped with international standards of quality. Our products are a reflection of our customers’ needs and desires. The laminates that you purchase from Welmica are an amalgamation of quality and designs. They are manufactured by top-class companies like Italam, Booklam, WULN, and Bookmica. Here are the perks of choosing these laminates for your furniture:

  1.       Water and heat resistant surfaces
  2.       Stain-resistant surfaces
  3.       Long-lasting finish
  4.       Customized designs and colors
  5.       Easy cleaning and maintenance
  6.       Durable surfaces

g.       Guaranteed warranty period

As a part of our post-sales service, the maintenance team offers extensive care support for the laminates. Every laminate surface has a certain warranty period within which you can avail free services in case your surface undergoes any damage. Here are the specifications of our laminate care and maintenance services:

  1.       Surface-specific cleaning methods
  2.       Chemical-free care
  3.       On-time maintenance services
  4.       Free demo for cleaning laminates
  5.       Damage control

We, at Welmica Laminates Pvt. Ltd. are now serving people across the globe with our best-in-class collection of laminate surfaces. Laminate distributors across the globe have rated Welmica as one of the most promising laminate companies.

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