Choose from the wide variety of our Laminate products range.


WULN provides an assortment of solid colors, designs, and patterns for a variety of spaces ranging from home to commercial buildings. These superior quality surfaces have everything that you need for excellent quality furniture, including stain and water resistance. Apart from giving a majestic look to your furniture, WULN laminates also offer durability. It is easy to clean and maintain these surfaces due to their inbuilt dust and stain resistance properties. Thus, they continue providing the same décor to your furniture for years together!


BOOKLAM laminates not only clad your furniture seamlessly but also make it look amazing. You can get these laminates customized according to your requirements. They provide an impressive look to your home or commercial infrastructure. With BOOKLAM, you never need to worry about staining. The surfaces have advanced water resistance technology and strength that offers longevity to the laminates. They enhance the aesthetics of your interior without fading for a long time. Moreover, they demand considerably lesser time and efforts for maintenance, cleaning, and polishing.


ITALAM laminates are well known for their impression-free and water-resistant surfaces. Additionally, the surfaces do not catch stains easily, which makes it easy to clean them. With all these features, they also offer fascinating varieties in terms of colors, sizes, thickness, designs, and patterns. These surfaces add to the beauty of your furniture with their finishing and polish. Essentially, they do not lose their shine for a long period of time.