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Reasons to choose laminate

Why choose laminates on furniture?





Laminates are one of the best ways to decorate your furniture and increase its durability without changing its structure or replacing it. They are highly durable, super easy to install, have numerous designs, and need way too little maintenance. One can easily customize the size of laminate sheets and shape it according to their requirements, allowing us all the creative freedom to experiment with our furniture designs. In the following article, we share the advantages of using best laminate sheets for furniture.

Here are a few benefits of using laminate sheets:

Highly durable

As mentioned earlier, laminate sheets make your furniture highly durable along with protecting the surface. Manufactured by gluing and binding craft paper containing designs with resins, these sheets give a surface coating that is resistant to heat, water and scratches altogether. Laminate manufacturers such as Welmica Laminates offer superior quality laminate sheets so that you can rest assured about the durability and appearance of your furniture.


With different types of furniture, the installation process of laminates on them also differs significantly. Most of the time, the sheets need to be customized to suit the type of furniture. Customizability is one of the best features of laminate sheets as one can simply cut the sheet and meet the design requirements of their project without worrying about the improvements.

Highly affordable:

Laminates are far more affordable as compared to veneers when it comes to the costing part. Comparing the prices of laminates and veneers, you’ll get to know that laminates offer you a wide range of designs and options at a cost that is relatively a lot lesser than veneers. They are pocket-friendly and can be chosen from a wide range of brands and quality.

Wide range of options

You can go all out with your furniture by adding matching laminate sheets to each furniture piece in your house. Be it the chairs, tables, doors, beds, or cabinets, adding classy laminates to these elements will give your house an ultimately elegant look and protect your furniture at the same time. Welmica offers a wide variety of laminate sheets compared to its contemporaries.

No maintenance cost

Laminate sheets are resistant to water and scratch due to their materials, manufacturing technology, and to some extent, the design of the product. The catchy appearance of laminate sheets is enough to maintain the appeal of your furniture for a long time and they do not require any repainting or resurfacing to ensure a pleasant appearance. The only thing laminate sheets require in the name of maintenance is regular cleaning with a material that is non-abrasive by using a mild cleaning agent. You can easily remove damaged surfaces or edges of laminate sheets and repair the defect without having to repair or resurface the whole item.

Why choose laminates over other options like veneers?

To begin with, veneers come in lesser options when we look at colors or designs. Whereas, laminates present a wide variety of colors, shades, textures, and designs. More importantly, laminates can give you the exact feel of wood and stone. Moreover, laminates require minimum maintenance whereas veneers require much more maintenance as compared to laminates. Laminates also possess far more durability as compared to veneers and lastly, they are more affordable as compared to other contemporary options.


As discussed above, laminate sheets are an affordable solution if you are looking to renovate your décor without going broke. It gives your furniture a luxury finish and requires bare minimum cleaning and maintenance. If you want to breathe a new life into your furniture, look no further than Welmica Laminates from India. We deal with clients across the globe and provide a wide variety of laminate sheet designs with various colors, patterns, and textures. To know more about us, call +91 95123 60018 or send us an enquiry on info [@]